Due to an ongoing class-action lawsuit, the ability to enqueue new Dazes has been suspended for all users.


You have arrived at one of the strangest places on the internet, to date. This place is powered by some cognitive computing, also known as AI, which is used to generate images based on text that you submit.

The site itself doesn't do any of the work, but various users are contributing their high-horsepower personal computers to the processing of images, and the results are shared here. These systems run a Python script that makes use of the big-sleep Python library.

All images visible on these pages are considered to be property of DazeMaker. If you would like to purchase the rights and ownership of any of the images, that's totally a thing we can coordinate. However, this feature is currently available only to those who know how to reach the site admins, but in the future it should be available to all.


Dazes are shown in the order of newest first. Use the page navigation buttons at the top and bottom of the pages to flip between other pages and see the older dazes. Please note that the first page very well may have unprocessed dazes only, depending on how busy the dazes are versus the number of active workers.

If you would like to submit a new phrase to be imagined by this system, start by registering or logging in.